David Eisenbud (M. S. R. I. Berkeley, U.S.A.)
"The smallest algebraic sets in projective space"

Etienne Ghys (E. N. S. de Lyon, Francia)
"Braids and signatures"

Nigel Hitchin (U. de Oxford, U.K.)
"Geometry with B-fields"

Jacob Palis (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)
"A global scenario for non-conservative dynamics"

S.R.S. Varadhan (C.I.M.S., Universidad de Nueva York, U.S.A.)
"Random walks and diffusions in a random enviroment"

Conferencias Invitadas Especiales:

A. Adem (Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A)
"Periodic complexes and group actions"

R. Benguria
(Universidad Católica, Chile)
"Connection between the Lieb-Thirring conjecture for Schrödinger operators and an isoperimetric problem for ovals on the plane"

C. Bonatti (Dijón, Francia)
"The global dynamics of C1-generic diffeomorphisms or flows"

X. Gómez-Mont (CIMAT, México)
"Computing topological numbers with homological algebra"

A. Lins Neto (IMPA, Brasil)
"Irreducible components of the space of codimension one foliations: a conjecture and its solution in some particular cases"

D. Marchesin (IMPA, Brasil)
"Asymptotic Dynamics for Non-linear Viscous Conservation Laws"

G. Paternain (Montevideo, Uruguay y Cambridge, U.K.)
"Zero entropy and bounded topology"

R. Schoen (U. Stanford, USA)
"On the mathematical work of José Escobar"

J. Tirao (Córdoba, Argentina)
"Matrix valued spherical functions and the hypergeometric equation"

Le Dung Trang (Trieste, Italia)
"The Topology of plane curve singularities"

M. Todd (Cornell, U.S.A.)
"Conic linear optimization"

A. Verjovsky (Cuernavaca, México)
"Geometric Galois Theory : the surface principle"