The Quantum Gravity Seminar Page - References

  SEMESTER 2008-2

O. Müller: Why quantum gravity (QG)? Why not coupling quantum field theory (QFT) to classical general relativity (GR)?
R. Oeckl: Conceptual issues and overview
D. Colosi: QFT path integral approach to QG: background metric + fluctuations at tree level, one loop and non-renormalizability
J. A. Zapata: Effective QFT approach to QG. Quantum and classical corrections to Newton's grav. + QFT at low energies. Measurable effects.
M. Dohse: Euclidean QG, wave function of the universe, no boundary proposal
F. Haas: Canonical treatment of classical GR. 3+1 ADM formulation. Classical observables.
D. Colosi: Quantum geometrodynamics
M. Bustamante: Connection variables and Ashtekar approach to classical GR
M. Bustamante: Loop Quantum Gravity
M. Dohse: Spin foam models of quantum gravity
F. Haas: Quantum Gravity in 2+1/3 Dimensions
R. Oeckl: Quantum Gravity as a TQFT and the General Boundary Formulation

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