José Antonio Zapata
Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas
UNAM Campus Morelia Morelia
CP 58190 Michoacán, México

Before being here:
Bs Physics UNAM, México
PhD Physics Penn State, USA
Postdoc RRI, India

My destination

A formulation of quantum field theory on manifolds, which are not necessarily metric, is a broad description of the destination that I seek in my research. Then, one could label my work on mathematical physics as quantum gravity, but the spirit of my research is to include it as part of a wider framework which extends quantum field theory as we know it today.

I have done research on these themes

  • Discrete models for gravity (Description & Selection of my articles)
  • Mathematical foundations of canonical loop quantum gravity (D&S)
  • Spin foam models in the continuum / compatibility with canonical loop quantization (D&S)
  • Renormalization tailored to loop quantization / a non trivial example (D&S)