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About Morelia

Morelia lies 300km west from Mexico City and about 1900m above the sea level (around 6200 ft.) in the state of Michoacán. The city was founded in 1541 and in 1991 its historial center, where most of you will have an hotel reservation, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its well preserved colonial buildings and layout of the historic center. Around 800,000 people live in the city, making it Mexico's 20th most populated metropolitan area.

How to arrive

There are international and national flights arriving to Morelia City and neighboring cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara City, or Leon City. There are buses connecting these points with Morelia City and the distance from these cities to Morelia city is approximately 4 hour.
There are various travel possibilities, depending on your flight.

Arriving to Morelia City:

Morelia has an international airport. Flights arrive at Francisco J. Mugica airport daily. The airport is about 15 miles from Morelia. Several shops are open, plus a restaurant, bar, and several rental car agencies. From the airport, taxis are available at around $250- $300 mexican pesos ($19-$23 U.S) depending on what city zone you are headed to and it's about a 30 minute ride.

Arriving to Mexico City:

From International Airport of Mexico City(IACM) to Morelia City: You can take an Authorized taxi in IACM to Mexico-Observatorio Bus Station(or Mexico-Poniente Bus Station, is the same with different name). You can buy a ticket to Morelia city in the Bus Company ETN, Primera Plus, or Autovias.

Other option from IACM to Morelia City:

Yo can take an Authorized taxi in IACM to Mexico-Norte Bus station and buy a ticket to Morelia City with the same Bus Companies.

Arriving to Guadalajara City or Leon City:

You have to go to from the Airport to the Bus Station of the City and buy a ticket to Morelia City in ETN or Primera Plus Bus company.

Tourist Information

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Morelia has a mild temperate climate with dry winters and warm summers. Daytime high temperature are approximately 26°C trhoughout July, and night time lows are around 15°. The probability of precipitation varies throughout the month. Precipitation is most likely around July 27, occurring in 66% of days.
Precipitation is least likely around July 1, occurring in 56% of days. For more details please consult your favorite weather report page.


Mexico currency is the Peso Mexicano (MXN), with notes of 20,50,100, 200, 500, 1000. Current exchange rate is Approx 1 USD = 12.8 MXN,
1 Euro = 17.00 MXN. Money can be freely exchanged in banks or Money Exchange House (Casas de Cambio) most of them operating from 9am-4pm. If you need to exchange money when you arrive, it is better to use the Banks after Customs or ATM machines.


Voltage is 120 V, 60Hz power with same plugs and sockets that in USA.


Mexico's country calling code is +52.